Friday, 29 February 2008

A Belated Welcome to My New Blog

I created this new blog the other day when I realised I was starting to add lots of boring geeky programming stuff to my personal blog. The main problem with that is that my Wordpress blog isn't very customizable, the code quotes are crap and for some reason at the moment the edit tools are a bit broken.

So I decided to create a new blog just for all the boring coding tips and helpful hints I want to write about, mostly just as a place for me to collate stuff so I don't have to remember it in my head.

I was going to try a few different blog sites but Blogger appears to be really good and I quite like how customizable it is with so many templates and being able to edit the HTML directly for the template and CSS is much nicer than Wordpress so I'm just going to use this.

A link to my regular blog is in the side bar so I will still keep that going to write blog posts about general more interesting stuff than computer programming and save this bog just for the boring stuff.


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